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Cell phone Take photos or video to support your inventory records. Keep this document and any other insurance materials in a safe place. Video games system Vacuum cleaner Miscellaneous items If you need to file a claim Contact 1-800-ALLSTATE immediately. Copyright 2008 Allstate Insurance Company Dining room Kitchen China/silver/glassware Pots/pans Silverware Food/freezer contents China Glassware Refrigerator Tablecloths napkins Stove Microwave oven Dishwasher Cabinets China cabinet/buffet...
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No makeup on this looks good ever like put a ponytail in your hair and it just feels so tight that it's like it is what it is no it is not is what it is oh my oh oh oh let's go let's go get them done go clean our freezers come on oh I know you want to come on you to do it let's go hey friends how are you doing happy oh dude are you feeling it today are you feeling yet I'm okay I think I'm okay I think I'm okay hey guys I'm really excited to share this with you today I've been wanting to do this in my home like in forever finally going to do it so you know that I have two refrigerators and one of you made a comment on monday's motivational Monday about the fridge in my laundry room like is that there so when you're doing laundry and you get the munchies yes something to snack on it was hilarious it may be that but if you don't know I have two refrigerators in my home obviously the one in the kitchen right here and one down in my laundry room and I actually have three freezers I have a big deep chest freezer and then the refrigerator downstairs so you're probably thinking why do I need all that well I like to do freezer meals I like to store in bulk and that's why so I have a pretty good idea in my head of all the stuff that I have but I don't have a good inventory of it because I want to be able to like look at a sheet look at something that says what it's in my freezer instead of me going and digging in my freezer and then if I don't have an inventory written down I forget what's in my freezer like I just checked my upstairs freezer last night I totally forgot that I have a big Costco bag of stir-fried vegetables I honestly thought we ate through that bag no we do not eat that bag it's still in this and I hate wasting food so we're going to be having some stir fries like tonight for dinner so so I wanted to share with you some printables that are free that I found on Pinterest that are going to help me keep track of what's in my freezer and that's odd hey I'm going to share this with you because that's what I do and if it helps you awesome I printed up quite a few sheets um I'm not sure which one I'm going to use consistently um but I have a few that I want to try and see how I like and I'm going to put them up on my freezer downstairs and I'm going to see which one I like best so I'm going to share with you these sheets and if I can find these again I'll leave the links from I'm so bad okay so this first one here is really interesting um it's a freezer inventory but it's sectioned off in categories like she has main dishes meat seafood and dairy items veggie side dishes breakfast snacks and other this is an interesting concept I'm kind of liking the sheet because 4 main dishes I mostly have in my freezer but um I don't know I'm kind of liking that it's broken up veggies and side dishes which I want to freeze more of um and then breakfast snack and other which I'm starting to get more into for freezer meals this is interesting we will try this...