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Cell phone Take photos or video to support your inventory records. Keep this document and any other insurance materials in a safe place. Video games system Vacuum cleaner Miscellaneous items If you need to file a claim Contact 1-800-ALLSTATE immediately. Copyright 2008 Allstate Insurance Company Dining room Kitchen China/silver/glassware Pots/pans Silverware Food/freezer contents China Glassware Refrigerator Tablecloths napkins Stove Microwave oven Dishwasher Cabinets China cabinet/buffet...
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. ................................................................................... Are you sure you're a qualified person to collect the benefits? Are you a US citizen? Are you a legal US resident? Are you a US Resident Alien (green card holder)? Are you a legal resident of a foreign country, such as Russia or Mexico? If so, what are your legal residency status? If not, ask the benefits' counselor how your immigration status affects your right to collect benefits. You need to collect the benefits You need to collect the benefits to meet your own living expenses that you are already paying for. You must apply for and receive benefits before you receive other payments. What benefits are you claiming to receive? Is the state your primary residence? If you own other property (houses, cars, vacations, etc.) in other states, what is their status for collecting benefits? Do you have income? If you do, how much? The benefits' calculator can help work out how much you will have to pay the states. How will you pay benefits? Will you use your payroll benefit? Is it your own money? Are you saving? (If you are, calculate your expenses, so you have enough to buy what you need. Save the difference to pay your bills.) Is this what you would do if you had 100 in cash saved and had no debt? Save 20? Buy that T-Shirt for 30? How will you pay benefits? Are you a student or a full time worker? You must be working or enrolled in full time school to receive benefits. How to apply There are two ways to apply for benefits; the first way is for a “live-in” person; the second is if you are a household member. If you own property in more than one state, you will need to apply for benefits for each one. See below for which state (if any) you must apply for benefits for. (If you live outside New York, see NY State Benefits FAQ.) For a household member, you must apply for benefits for the state you are in and all states for which you are a resident. See below for which state (if any) you must apply for benefits for. (Do not apply for benefits for New York or California if you can not support yourself. See NY State Benefits FAQ.) The benefits' calculator only works for a single individual who is a resident of the state where the application is filed.
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